Tuesday, November 22, 2011

visionaire a visionary illusion

Hello everybody first I would like to say welcome back, this article will be more on Lancome, tragically not as positive as my previous and as such will be cut down to a shorter review.

This new visionary product was released with such lofty promises, I just couldn’t not try it. Lancomes new visionaire, this product feels fabulous its texture is sublime sadly it made me break out like no other irritating my skin and any results it was supposed to deliver I never saw as I returned it.

 I returned this product that ruined my flawless skin and my weekend date night, the sales rep tried giving me a gambit about how this is how the product works forcing imperfections out of my body and through my pores, what a load, don’t buy into this no skincare product should do this to you, some medical skin treatments do this, but remember people this is not a medical treatment.

In closing Do not buy this product unless you are over the age of 45 as that is the age range this product was truly designed for.

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